About the Author

My name is Heather Joy Rowe, and I am married to Paul. this We have three children, Natalie, Jonathan, and Chloe.  We also have a daft dog called Megan, of unknown breed!

We live in a small village near the coast of North Yorkshire and are very settled and happy here.  I attend a Baptist church in Scarborough, with our daughter, Chloe, and I teach a Junior Church class there.  I also attend a lovely housegroup.  I love writing, walking, exploring places and taking lots of photos, coffee shops, the countryside, my lovely church… I love life!

I started writing diaries and journals about thirty years ago and recently decided to put them into a blog.  The dreams I write about in the story are real, although some of them are ‘pictures’ that have come into my mind while praying.

My story is one of hope and transformation.  I had always been volatile and hated myself for it.  But I was helpless to change.  Over the years, through prayer and emotional healing, God began to change me from the inside.  He has been so wonderful and faithful.

God had a plan for my life – and He has a plan for yours too.  I was caught up in a cycle of behaviour that I couldn’t change on my own. God helped me through it and He can help you too. I am a work in progress, but God has been amazing and through an unexpected discovery, has transformed my marriage.   I hope my story will encourage you to look to God and realise that there is always hope, no matter what our situation.

God bless you.

Heather Joy Rowe

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  1. Your comment about chuba ao (2000).. My husband an I are friends of nagaland bible college. Chuba went to be with the Lord in 2005 but the bible college continues under his daughter sentila and son Mayang.contact me for details!

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